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CERN Program Library Long Writeup Q124


Routines and Utilities

Version 1.32 (August 1994)

Application Software Group

Computers and Network Division

CERN Geneva, Switzerland

Copyright Notice

CSPACK -- Client Server package

CERN Program Library entry Q123

Copyright CERN, Geneva 1994

Copyright and any other appropriate legal protection of these computer programs and associated documentation reserved in all countries of the world.

These programs or documentation may not be reproduced by any method without prior written consent of the Director-General of CERN or his delegate.

Permission for the usage of any programs described herein is granted apriori to those scientific institutes associated with the CERN experimental program or with whom CERN has concluded a scientific collaboration agreement.

Requests for information should be addressed to:
CERN Program Library Office
CERN-CN Division
CH-1211 Geneva 23
Tel. +41 22 767 4951
Fax. +41 22 767 7155
DECnet: VXCERN::CERNLIB (node 22.190)

Trademark notice: All trademarks appearing in this guide are acknowledged as such.

Contact Person: Jamie Shiers /CN (Jamie.Shiers@CERN.CH)
Technical Realization: Michel Goossens /CN (Michel.Goossens@CERN.CH)

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