Institute for Nuclear Research RAS (Moscow) Home Page

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) Home Page

DESY IfH (Zeuthen, Germany) Home Page

AMANDA project Home Page

ANTARES project Home Page

NESTOR project Home Page

Kamioka Home Page

The WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics

MACRO (Bologna) project Home Page

The WWW Virtual Library : High Energy Physics

E - print archive in Los-Alamos

ITEP E - Print archive mirror (in Russia)

HEP database for high energy physics

Physics News site

NATURE magazine on-line

SCIENCE magazine on-line

Full-text access to a lot of peer-reviewed journals with a mirror site in UK

Proceedings of the National (US) Academy of Sciences

Physics Conference Announcements

Numerical Recipies

World Scientific Home: helps to write papers

INTAS home page

Particle Data Group (LBL) home page

Biggest Linux information portal (in English)

Linux info, news, docs .. (in Russian)

Comprehensive Linux ftp archive (software, distributives, documentation)

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