Image Description Type Size (Kb)
The Detector and its Components
Schematic view of the Baikal detector drawing 15
Baikal Optical Modules (1997) color photo 137
Baikal System Module (1994) color photo 61
The part of SVIAZKA - the system module underwater and two optical modules (channel) at the air (1994) color photo 80
The system module underwater and sediments on its surface (1997) color photo 43
The detector system modules and the central frame (1993) color photo 42
The heptagonal central frame (1997) color photo 42
Deployment of OM of NT-144 array (1997) color photo 66
The upper modules of NT-144 array (1997) color photo 84
The underwater nitrogen laser (1993) color photo 102
Components of the supporting framefor the Baikal Detector (1997) color photo 108
One of seven arms of HEPTAGON is lifted out of water (1997) color photo 62
The buoy under water (1997) color photo 36
One of seven cable bundles which connect the central string with peripherical ones (1997) color photo 52
Deployment operation for NT-36 array (1993) color photo 94
Site of the Baikal Experiment
Site of Baikal Experiment drawing 10
Winter Baikal space image color photo 40
View on the Baikal Neutrino Observatory (1997) color photo 86
Baikal detector complex drawing 7
The train arrives to 106 km station (1993) color photo 27
The laboratory building at 106 km of Krugobaikalskaja railway (1994) color photo 76
The laboratory building and yellow boxes to transport the optical modules (1993) color photo 102
The laboratory building (view downward) (1996) color photo 54
The view from the Ivanovskaja Valley on Baikal and Khamar-Daban (1993) color photo 47
The ice equipment is waiting for the next year... (1995) color photo 71
The Nature
The cave of ice (1993) color photo 56
View on the Polovinnij cape (1997) color photo 104
The sunset near Polovinnij cape (1993) color photo 38
An evening color photo 115
A sunset at Baikal color photo 53
An early Spring at Baikal color photo 192
The ice melts color photo 146
The ice near the shore color photo 176
The Man on the Ice
The ice way through the Baikal Lake (1987) black-white photo 29
Making the ice way (1997) color photo 47
The diver goes underwater (1997) color photo 61
View on the ice camp from shore (1997) color photo 98
Ice camp and Khamar-Daban mountain (1987) color photo 56
The strong storm on April 6, 1997 - photos 1,2 (1997) two color photos 71
The strong storm on April 6, 1997 - photos 3,4 (1997) two color photos 56
Deployment of the GIRLYANDA array (1987) black-white photo 41
Deployment of the NT-14 array (1992) color photo 96
Assembling of HEPTAGON (1997) color photo 74
The ice camp during sunset (1993) color photo 41
Sunset, ice, winch and Baikal (1997) color photo 30
The People
After deployment of NT-96 array (196) color photo 54
Parting action for NT-144 array (1997) color photo 95
During the parting action on the ice (1997) color photo 43
I.Sokalski and M.Milenin in the Ice camp (1996) color photo 116
Prof. G.V.Domogatsky (1987) black-white photo 25
During Baikal Collaboration meeting in Dubna (1994) color photo 89
An example of neutrino induced event in the Baikal detector NT-96 drawing 8
The view outside out of a living module (1997) color photo 54

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