Baikal Neutrino Telescope

Site and Construction

     This photo album is devoted to a great attempt of scientists to create a large volume neutrino detector in the depth of the lake Baikal - one of the world deepest, cleanest and prettiest lakes.

     Being neutral weekly interacting particles, neutrinos deliver us precious information on the processes that have places in far corners of the Universe, provided that we are smart enough to be able to catch such particles at our detector.

     The main goal of this album is however not much scientific. More detailed information concerning the neutrino detection at Baikal lake one can find on the official page of the Baikal Collaboration (a member of which I am proud to be) at where one can also find references to some other projects (AMANDA, NESTOR, ANTARES).The author intention here is to tell about the detector and its unique place to everyone who wants to know about it, and to show the place and the detector which was created in spite of many difficulties we had to master. If you enjoy these photos and get more familiar with our work, then my task is achieved. Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome. For best results, use screen resolution 1024x768 or higher. Feel freely to copy and distribute this CD. The only condition strictly required is to copy it as a whole, no changes are allowed to the initial structure of the album. Also please keep me informed concerning the number of copies and their distribution, I need this information for the preparation of next issue. And now enjoy the show.

8th Feb, 2002                      Oleg N. Gaponenko

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